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November 3, 2012
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The golden figure trudged through the halls, the siren like growl reverberating in his ears. His sword was drawn, clasped tightly in his hand. His eyes showed a keen, sharp look in them. 

Tap tap...Tap tap...

Faint footsteps rang throughout the corridor, trailing the golden statue. Faster, quicker, the statue glided across the stone floor. His metallic golden shoes hitting the floor with a loud thump.

Something grazed his back. Out of reflex, Stephano turned, only for his abdomen to be struck with a sharp object that caused him to fall back. Blood seeped out of the cut across the golden Frenchman's body, staining his ripped clothing. He called out in French, already back on his feet.

 The grunt looked at him, the cloudy grey eyes burning into the golden ones. He suddenly pounced at Stephano, the clawed arm outstretched. Stephano raised his sword.

Just a second too late.

In a blur of crimson, the statue cried out in pain.


He awoke to darkness, and his body ached. He sat up, moving his head around to peer around the room. He couldn't see anything, or make out any figures that may have been in there with him. This horrified the golden one as he tried harder and harder to see, straining his eyes to the point of giving up.

"Stephano? Are you awake?" A soft voice asked, placing a hand on the statue's shoulder.

He jerked back, the cool hand on his shoulder frightened him. "D-Don't worry, it's just me, Mr. Chair." He quietly said. 

"C-Can we turn on a light?"

"...Stephano, a light is on." Worry struck the chair, his hands began to tremble.

"Then why can't I see?" He lifted his hands to wave them in front of his eyes, not being able to see them.

"S-Stephano, You're blind."


The silver statue sat, his legs crossed. He listened in on the Barrel’s conversation, waiting for anything that might have interested him. 

“I heard a Grunt got Stephano right in the eyes.”

“You heard right, comrade. Heard he’s blind now.”

“Well, less trouble for us, right?”

Gonzales tuned out of the conversation, his rage ready to bubble over. He grabbed his sword and abruptly left, seeking out his brother. 


“No, No I’m not blind...”

“How many fingers am I holding up then?”

“I cant see without a light!”

“A light is on!”


Mr. Chair threw his hands up in defeat, walking over to pick up the lantern that was lazily strung on the wall. He walked back to Stephano, holding the lantern in front of the golden man’s face. “Do you see the light?”

Stephano touched the hot glass, making him jerk his hand back. He didn't respond, nor did he look back up at the chair that loomed over him. 

Silence was heavy in the air, and the two felt uneasy. “Sorry. Is your hand okay?” Mr. Chair broke the silence. 

The statue nodded. 

“T-That’s good--” 

“Can someone tell me where my eyes are?”

The golden man’s broken plea rang in the air, hanging heavy over the two. A few muffled sobs came from the chair, and he ran a finger over where the golden statue’s eyes were. “R-Right here. T-They’re right h-here...”

"T-Then w-why can’t I see...Why can’t I see...” He mumbled again and again, his question being left unanswered.

The golden Frenchman looked up, his head cocking slightly to the side. 

“Someone's in the hall.”


Gonzales’ metallic footsteps rung in the halls, pounding on the floor with great force. He clutched his sword tightly, busting open every door he saw, looking for the one that his brother was residing in. 

“Metallic, running fast...Doors being knocked down occasionally with a sharper object...”   The accented voice floated about the hall.


Gonzales’ ran faster, straining his ears to hear the voice that gave him hope again. He turned around countless bends, unable to pinpoint where the voice came from. “Stephano?!” He called again, trying to hear the voice once more. 

“It’s Gonzales.” 

Just next to him, the hollow voice echoed in his ears. He stopped, opening the door next to him. “Stephano?” He quietly asked, closing the door behind him. 

“Allos.” He responded, calmly and coolly, as if he hadn’t just lost a vital part of him. Even if he was looking the wrong way, he smiled just the same. 

Smile through the pain...

Gonzales ran up to the golden one, grabbing his chin and turning his head to stare back into his. Stephano kept his eyes closed. “Open your eyes.” The silver one commanded, his whole being tightening up a bit. He shook his head, the grin on his face widening. “If I can’t see, I don’t need too.” He said, pushing his brother’s hand away. 

Gonzales couldn't help but shudder, the words uddered by his brother were that of a broken soul. He looked at the trembling figure just by the two, glaring daggers at him. "You. What happened?!" He grabbed Mr. Chair by the collar of his shirt, pinning him at the wall.

"I-I don't know!"

"Liar!" Gonzales held up his sword, dangerously close to the others neck. 

"Brother, knock it off." Stephano was behind the silver one, a warm hand placed on his shoulder.

Gonzales turned, meeting the faded golden eyes that used to hold fire in them. Now they only held a dull look, trying to gleam brighter like they used to. The silver one trembled more, dropping Mr. Chair and looking towards him. Tears brimmed the older twin’s silver eyes, pulling his brother close and hugging him. "W-What...H-Happened..."

Stephano held his brother close, feeling his sibling's trembling form rack against his calm being.

"Nothing, I'm okay."

"L-liar...Y-Your eyes are all messed up..." Gonzales whispered as a single tear leaked from his eyes, causing him to messily wipe it away. 

Stephano looked at his brother's face, as if he could still see, he wiped off the tears that still trailed down the silver brother's face. He smiled warmly, closing his eyes. "Don't cry, it's okay."

The golden one's head perked up again.

"Someone else..."


Blinded Goldby SilverRoxas


Lots of thanks to ~Wolf4821 For helping me with this ^^

Yeah. Blind Stephano. :iconcryforeverplz:
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BroOfStephano Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013
I wrote a Tanka for school based on this. want to read it? (I'm not trying to copy. It was all I could think of. ^^')
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I'd love to! I'm glad you were at least inspired by this ^^
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T-The Feels.... :iconcryforeverplz:
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It got worse in the other chapters c:
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