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November 14, 2012
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Stephano sat, curled up in his room, knees hugged up to his chest. He quietly listened to the frightening yelling and the loud clang that occasionally was heard. He sobbed silently, his shuddering form digging into his knees. The howls of agony and loud wails were that of his twin brother, who was being abused once more. The fifth time, to be exact.

Sure he’s a different color...But why? He never did anything wrong...

The small golden statue never knew why Gonzales was treated differently, or why he was constantly beaten by his drunken father. He never understood the point of drinking either. Why does he drink? Why does he come home, send me to my room and beat up Gonzales?

These questions wracked his mind, leaving all of which unanswered. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he wasn’t abused for a reason, and it was of his own being that his elder brother was beaten. He was the reason that Gonzales was constantly cut, kicked, hit, anything. Unknowing to him why, he tried his hardest to come up with a reason to blame himself.

I understand HOW: I do not understand WHY.

The words passed in his mind, tugging at the boy's attention. He did know how, he yearned to know why.

Why was this happening to them?

In his thoughts, he hadn't noticed the screaming had ceased.

His brother hadn't returned.

His mind raced with worst-case-scenarios, inadvertently jumping to his feet and running out his door.

The sight that he was presented was horrifying.


His brother lay in a pool of blood.

No. No this can't be happening.

"H-Hey..." He called, his head slightly turning towards his brother.

Why is he smiling?!

The shuddering statue ran over to him, disregarding the pooling blood that
he kneeled in. "B-Brother-!" He gasped out, pulling his brother's head
to lay on his lap.

"It's on'y a little..." His words slurred, trying to smile at Stephano, only to wince.

"N-No...J-Just wait here...I-I can fix this...Just let me get my things..." He stumbled over his words, trying his best to calm himself and Gonzales, even if he tried to hold a calm demeanor.

The silver one shook his head.

"You can't fix everything, Steph." The silver brother whispered, though his smile tried to soothe his younger brother, he could still see the pain that hid behind those shining, dull gray eyes.

"N-No! I can fix this! I swear!" He protested, the tears spilling over his eyes and onto his elder brother's face.

"Don't cry." He commanded, his voice barely above a whisper, words spilling out as if he wasn't bleeding to death and nothing horrid happened to him.He put a hand on his younger brother's face, leaving a crimson stain there, wiping away the tears.

Before he went limp.


The golden male shot up in bed, a cold sweat beading
down his face. His breathing quick, coming out in short breaths, he worked to regulate his swift breathing.

I was...Dreaming...?

He looked around in the darkness of his room, as the realization washed over him that he had only been dreaming, nothing terrible had happened to Gonzales. Still, he got up, blinking his sleepy eyes open. He had too make sure, sure that Gonzales was okay.

Grabbing his clothes, he lazily threw them on over his bare self. He grabbed his sword from it spot adjacent to his bed, knowing that he might very well
have needed it.

Stephano peered over to his door, knowing that his brother’s room was just down the hall.

He’s only down the hall...Why am I worrying so much, nothings wrong...

His frayed mind wouldn’t put down the notion that Gonzales wasn’t okay, that
something had happened to him. He put his hand on the cool lock, hesitating for a moment, before he turned the handle and pushed the door open.

Peering out into the hall, he noticed the torches lit along the walls, and how still the castle seemed to be. He mumbled something, taking a shaky step out into the corridor.

C’mon Stephano, Don’t be afraid...You got this...

He took another step, before he heard it.


His brother’s piercing scream rang through the hall, making the golden statue shudder in total fear. His body froze, unable to move due to the terror that chilled him to his core, tearing at the edges of his mind.

When he snapped back, loud wails were reverberating in his ears, causing his feet to act on their own. Padding in front of each other, they were slamming on to the cold, musty stone floor. His mind was riddled with questions, all of which to be left unanswered.

The wails had turned to soft crying, the sniffles causing Stephano to slow his pace. He neared Gonzales’ door, his hands trembling terribly as he hastily opened the door. “G-Gonzales?” He questioned, poking his head into the silver statue’s room.

The golden brother stepped in, seeing his brother’s crumpled form on his own bed,
his knees pressed up to his chest.

As soon as the door was shut, the snuffling silver brother ran up to his brother, hugging him tightly. “I-I thought...I-I swear...” He pressed his face into his brother’s robes, taking clumps of fabric in his hands.

“What’s wrong, brother?” Stephano held a calm aura about him, rubbing soft circles in his brother’s back.

“I-I had a nightmare.”

“Y-You too, H-Huh?”

Gonzales slightly nodded, hiccuping softly. “B-Brother...Y-You w-were...” His
sentence broke off, turning into a mumbled mess.

But Stephano already knew the rest.

The two brothers held each other, both trembling just the same.

“It’s okay, Brother. I’m here.”

Nightmaresby SilverRoxas





Yeah, I couldnt sleep, so I was like,



Sort of fluff.


Also, I quoted the book 1984 by George Orwell, with the,

I understand HOW: I do not understand WHY.

I thought it fit.

I don't know if i'm breaking any rules, I hope I'm not o.o
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